Financial Services

Use Case

Moving business critical operations


A financial services company, with over $880 billion in assets, wanted to move its business-critical operations to a mixture of Hadoop on-premises and public cloud to scale up its operations at a marginal cost using existing resources.


The bank tested other forms of data replication on the market and found the WANdisco LiveData Platform was the only solution that enabled them to not only meet but exceed their existing SLAs and transfer their data to the cloud with no downtime and no disruption to their business. Batch based replication solutions native to Hadoop replication were not capable of meeting existing SLAs - in some cases, recovery was over one week.

  • The bank runs a hybrid-type environment using the WANdisco LiveData Platform to move data between a public cloud, its own private cloud, and production data centers.
  • With WANdisco LiveData Platform the financial services company creates new applications on its Hadoop clusters to detect fraud, meet regulatory requirements, calculate risk, and gain customer intelligence whilst adhering to SLAs.
  • With continuous access to the latest information across multiple geographies, the bank is now able to effectively detect fraud and run accurate credit checks.
  • Ultimately all new applications used by the bank will be born in the cloud as it extends its storage and computing capacity on-demand.

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