How WANdisco Fusionpowers LiveData

Ensuring that your application data stays accurate and consistent across all your application environments is complex, especially in the cloud. But it doesn’t have to be.

WANdisco Fusion gives you LiveData: data consistency and accessibility in any environment. Our enterprise-class software removes complexity and risk, and works across on-premises, cloud and hybrid deployments.

With LiveData, your data is guaranteed to be available, accurate, and protected - anytime, anywhere, spanning platforms and locations, even for data changing at petabyte scale.

Embrace multi-cloud architectures. Simplify your move to the cloud. Increase your data resiliency and ensure your business continuity.

Every business is in the data business these days - so if you don't have access to your data - you don't have a business!

Peter Burris - Chief Research Officer and General Manager

Conquer the LiveData gap
WANdisco is shaping the future of data infrastructure with its groundbreaking LiveData platform, enabling companies to finally put all their data to work for the business – all the time, at any scale. Only WANdisco makes data always available, always accurate, and always protected, delivering hyperscale economics to support exponential data growth with the same IT budget. Conquer the LiveData gap.


  • WANdisco launches LiveData for Multicloud

    16 October 2018

    WANdisco LiveData For Multicloud unlocks continued replication of data at petabyte scale. Guarantees data consistency across multiple cloud providers, reducing vendor “lock-in” and improving efficiency regardless of location, environment, or cloud provider.

  • Simplifying multi-cloud migration and operations with a LiveData platform

    04 October 2018

    Migrating to - and operating - multi-cloud environments presents significant data challenges. Mark Bartlo and Niraj Jaiswal discuss industry perceptions and trends, a LiveData use case, and how enabling a LiveData environment can reduce risk, cut costs, and transform business capabilities.

  • How to accelerate cloud adoption with a LiveData platform

    28 September 2018

    As cloud adoption progresses and now becomes a larger operational component of the IT landscape, very few enterprises will rely on just a single cloud vendor. A multi-vendor cloud strategy makes sense for the same reason today’s companies operate multi-vendor on-premises infrastructures: to spread...


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