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How IoT Will Transform Transportation

IoT is at the core of forces reshaping transportation: providing greater safety; making travel more efficient; improving vehicle, vessel, and aircraft maintenance; and building more strategic traffic management.

Data Modernization: A Data Leader’s Answer to Driving Valuable Business Outcomes

The amount of data being created is accelerating. Companies need modern data strategies in the cloud, where they can unlock their data to do analytics, AI, and ML to improve business outcomes and gain a competitive edge.

3 Ways the Oil & Gas Industry is Applying IoT to Cut Costs

Oil and gas companies that use IoT can cut operating costs and free up cash to finance migration to renewable energy sources.

3 Questions You Should Ask to Get the Most Out of Edge Data

The value of edge data doesn’t stop at the edge. Getting the most out of this data requires a data-first mindset. Here's how data leaders can think strategically about managing their edge data in a world of big data and IoT.

Trapped Data is Trapped Revenue

Move edge and on-prem data to the cloud to enable easy access to data to accelerate ROI, increase revenue, and drive digital transformation.

Activating Unused Data: 3 Key Points

Activating Unused Data: 3 Key Points

How Edge Computing and IoT Can Reinvent Manufacturing

By expanding the capabilities of data-driven analytics in the cloud, manufacturers can identify and solve issues across a global big-data footprint.

Calling All Telco Data Leaders: Dial Up Your IoT Strategy

IoT – and 5G – are changing the way that the telecommunications sector does business. By aggregating data from the edge to the cloud, telcos can use their data more effectively to address the opportunities provided by cloud-based networking.

3 IoT and Edge Computing Use Cases Transforming the Auto Industry

IoT is changing the way that the automotive sector does business. Legacy companies are transforming their business models to address the opportunities provided by cloud-based networking.



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