Cloud Data Migration

"Since 2010 we have seen Hadoop become an essential part of the data management landscape, and the majority of organizations have adopted Hadoop to build out their data lake infrastructure. However, while Hadoop offered a cost-effective way to store petabytes of data across a distributed environment, it introduced many complexities. The systems required specialized IT skills and the on-premises environments lacked the flexibility to easily scale the systems up and down as usage demands changed.

The management complexity and flexibility challenges associated with on-premises Hadoop environments are much more optimally addressed in the cloud. Not only do cloud object stores provide enhanced scalability, elasticity, and manageability at lower costs, they also provide many other features that are automatically inherited by their other service offerings. For example, Amazon S3 has built-in encryption and automatic storage of data in three availability zones, and Microsoft Azure has machine learning services that run models directly in ADLS instead of pipelining data. These capabilities are making cloud-based object storage the most widely deployed technology according to Gartner."

WANdisco LiveData Migrator

"To minimize the risks and costs associated with data modernization efforts, many companies have selected to automate their cloud data migration with WANdisco.

LiveData Migrator is a fully self-service solution that does not require WANdisco expertise or services. LiveData Migrator enables automated on-premises-to-cloud data migration with zero business disruption, zero risk, and best time to value."

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“LiveData Migrator's uniqueness lies in how it packages Hadoop data migration as a fully hands-off service. Moving data under active change is delicate, and organizations don't want to use their best IT people on it. LiveData Migrator handles everything in the background and doesn't require expertise from the customer. It's as close to a silver bullet as you can find for this type of project.”

Merv Adrian, Gartner Research Vice President of Data and Analytics


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