WANdisco Edge to Cloud

Activate all of your IoT and file data across edge systems, data centers, and clouds.


What is WANdisco Edge to Cloud?

WANdisco® Edge to Cloud is designed to move IoT and file data across edge systems, data centers, and public clouds to enable organizations to activate their data for AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics on modern cloud data platforms.

Unlike other tools, Edge to Cloud scales to handle the largest IoT datasets and has been proven to support movement and activation of multiple petabytes of data per day.

Benefits of WANdisco Edge to Cloud

Edge to Cloud makes your data globally available, accurate, protected, and free of becoming trapped in data silos that prevent your organization from realizing the full value of the data.

Immediate Deployment

  • Download and install in minutes
  • No custom code or scripting required
  • Begin using the product immediately

Flexible Configuration

  • Configure activation jobs for your specific needs
  • Maintain full control over sources, targets, and datasets
  • Advanced controls for network bandwidth, path mapping, and more

Scalable Environment

  • Scale horizontally across multiple instances
  • Move and activate exabyte-scale data
  • Proven performance in customer benchmarks
“WANdisco’s ability to move petabytes of data without interrupting production and without risk of losing the data mid-flight is something no other vendor does.”

Merv Adrian, Vice President of Data and Analytics at Gartner Research


WANdisco Edge to Cloud Enables IoT and File-Data Activation

Quick deployment and operation

Edge to Cloud can be installed in minutes, and users can move and activate IoT and file data to the cloud immediately.

Browser-based user interface

Users can manage the full data movement process, leveraging the WANdisco user interface (UI), a browser-based UI that enables operation from a single management console.

Self-service user experience

Data movement jobs are easy to configure and manage, requiring simple definition of your source and target environments and control of which datasets to activate to the cloud.

Programmatic interface

Data movement jobs can be managed through a comprehensive and intuitive command-line interface or by using the self-documenting REST API to integrate the solution with other programs.

IoT and data support

Edge to Cloud supports the movement and activation of unstructured file-system data. The data typically originates from IoT devices and is processed on edge platforms.

Configurability and control

Edge to Cloud includes standard configuration options — defining which sources, targets, and datasets to activate or exclude — and advanced capabilities such as path mapping and network bandwidth management controls.

Activate at any scale

Edge to Cloud can scale horizontally by deploying multiple agents so it can handle the movement and activation of datasets at exabyte-scale without impacting current production environments.

Metrics and monitoring

Edge to Cloud updates you on data migration jobs, from health and status metrics for data movement completion to email notifications and real-time insights regarding usage.

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