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Cloud migration and hybrid cloud

Extend to the cloud for on-demand burst-out processing, offsite DR and data archiving.

What is Google Cloud Dataproc?

Google Cloud Dataproc is a managed Hadoop MapReduce, Spark, Pig and Hive service that easily processes big data sets at low cost. It allows you to manage clusters of any size and turn them off when they’re not in use. Cloud Dataproc integrates across Google Cloud Platform products, giving you a powerful and complete data processing platform.

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Easy and intuitive step-by-step operation

  • Simple setup in both on-premises and cloud environments using Google Cloud Platform Templates has you up and running in minutes
  • Intuitive admin console for monitoring, scheduling and audit
  • Use standard cloud vendor utilities for installation and deployment
  • Move data between any Fusion supported on-premises environment and Google Cloud Platform
  • Move data between Google Cloud Platform and any other Fusion supported cloud environment including Microsoft Azure, IBM OpenStack Swift and Amazon S3
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No disruption No downtime

Google Cloud Platform and on-premises environments operate in parallel during migration, allowing data and applications to move with no disruption to normal operations.

Fast, active migration

Transfer data to Google Cloud Dataproc as it changes in on-premises local and NFS mounted file systems, Hadoop clusters or other cloud environments with guaranteed consistency. Continuous active migration eliminates WAN traffic spikes and allows high volume data transfer to keep up with on-premises ingest rates.

Automatic recovery

Automatic recovery after planned or unplanned network or hardware outages in both on-premises and Google cloud environments.

Have more than 100TB on-premises?
We will move the first 5TB for free!

Jumpstart your data migration with WANdisco & Databricks.

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