WANdisco + Databricks Enabling Modern Spark-Based Cloud Analytics

Learn how WANdisco and Infosys helped a Fortune 500 retailer securely migrate more than 3.5PB of data to Databricks on ADLS Gen2 with minimal business disruption, and an estimated 30-50% reduction in resources and time required for migration. Watch the joint WANdisco + Infosys session from Spark + AI Summit.


The combination of WANdisco LiveData for Databricks and Delta Lake running on Databricks accelerates cloud adoption and modernizes big data analytics.

Our unified solution provides an automated answer to the challenge of migrating enterprise big data to the cloud with zero downtime or disruption.

WANdisco is a featured Databricks Migration Partner.

Together WANdisco + Databricks provide:

Zero Downtime

Avoid the need to halt or change your business operations during migration. Keep your data available before, during and after migration.

Faster time to Live

Use your domain in Delta Lake as quickly as it takes to move them. LiveData for Databricks transitions you to a hybrid architecture where on-premises and cloud environments are 100% consistent.

As organizations modernize their IT infrastructure to support AI initiatives, transitioning to the cloud for agility and efficiency is a key component. Rightfully so, organizations want to migrate from legacy on-premise infrastructure to reliable data lakes at scale, which is not only made possible, but simplified with WANdisco and Azure Databricks.
Michael Hoff, SVP of Business Development & Partner, Databricks.

Addressing data lakes migration challenge

Migrate from Hadoop to Databricks without disruption or downtime

Combining WANdisco LiveData for Databricks, and Delta Lake running on Databricks is a natural response to the challenges of migrating big data to the cloud. Databricks provides an elegant answer to this challenge by offering more capable technologies for applications and systems to operate against big data in the cloud. Delta Lake provides the storage and processing layer on top of cloud storage to support enterprise workloads across streaming and batch requirements to better manage data lakes at scale.

Learn more about LiveData for Databricks

Bring on-premise Hive content into Delta Lake for Databricks processing

Learn more about LiveData Hive

Accelerate time to insights... migrate in minutes with WANdisco LiveData Migrator

Migrate production data from on-premises big data to Azure Databricks Delta Lake immediately, at scale, with no application downtime and no risk of data loss even when data sets are undergoing active changes.

WANdisco moves petabytes of data without disruption or risk of losing data midflight. No other vendor can do this.
Merv Adrian, Research Vice President for data and analytics. quotemark

WANdisco LiveData Migrator is a fully self-service non-intrusive solution requiring zero specialized services.

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Try LiveData Migrator for free and begin migrating data in your environment to any cloud in minutes.

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Only LiveData Migrator can automate large scale data migration with zero application downtime, zero data loss and mitigated business risk

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At lower data volumes customers can attempt alternative solutions involving DistCp variants and people leading to unknown cost and time with ongoing risk of failure


Customer Stories

How AMD uses WANdisco LiveData Migrator to protect critical business data against disaster

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Daimler moved data back and forth for 9 months before sunsetting the on-prem Hadoop dataset

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