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Zero-disruption data migrations

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Enable consistent, available data across any hybrid IBM Cloud environment

IBM has entered into an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) agreement to resell WANdisco Fusion®, rebranded as IBM Big Replicate – a key embedded component of the IBM big data, cloud and analytics solutions. Powered by WANdisco Fusion®, IBM Big Replicate enables consistent data everywhere, spanning multiple platforms and locations, even for changing data at petabyte scale.

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Moving data between on-premise and the cloud

The solution is based on a high-performance coordination engine called that uses consensus to keep unstructured data accessible, accurate, and consistent in different locations. IBM Big Replicate enables you to move big data operations from lab environments to production environments, across multiple Hadoop distributions, and from on-premise to cloud environments, without downtime or disruption.

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Disaster Prevention For Any Environment

Disaster recovery and high availability via near-zero RTO and RPO ensures business continuity and data SLA compliance across on-premise, hybrid and multi-region, Multi Cloud environments.

Cloud Migration Without Downtime

Zero-disruption data migrations allow users to continue working on data – even migrations at petabyte scale.

Hybrid Cloud Enablement

Keeps on-premise and cloud environments continuously in sync capturing every change wherever it occurs.


Which option is right for you?

  • Big Replicate for Hadoop - Big Replicate for Hadoop enables real-time, multi-directional data replication between Hadoop clusters, even those with different distributions.
  • Big Replicate for Object Stores - Big Replicate for Object Stores enables real-time, multi-directional data replication from Hadoop clusters to object storage destinations.
  • Big Replicate for BigSQL - Big Replicate for BigSQL enables real-time, multi-directional replication of structured data between any IBM Db2 or SQL databases, and across any mixed cloud architecture.
  • Big Replicate for Hive - This add-on to Big Replicate for Hadoop enables real-time replication of the Hive metastore, protecting metadata for tables and databases created in Hive.
  • Big Replicate for Security - This add-on to Big Replicate for Hadoop replicates security policies between separate database policy provider instances, helping to ensure common policy enforcement.
  • Big Replicate for Backup - This add-on to Big Replicate for Hadoop enables backup and data restoration capabilities that help minimize the risk of data loss from human error or cyberattack.

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