We are WANdisco

We are the people who build powerful solutions to empower companies, organizations and innovators to realize the possibilities of Big Data.

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We created "impossible" technology

“We have a real product that no one else has. It’s not just another web service or a clone, it’s unique and it has the potential to be a disruptive technology.”

Our patented technology is the only solution for 100% Big Data

“There’s a huge opportunity in Big Data, and we have a great approach…it’s exciting to work in a company that has a theoretically sound approach. And for a CEO who understands concepts such as one copy equivalence.”

We are diverse thinkers that use our strengths to solve problems

“We are not members of some kind of a hive told what to do by the superiors. We are working together because we have the same vision about how real-world problems should be solved.”

We never stop looking to create what’s next

“The software we develop is having a profound impact on the way other businesses create, develop and bring THEIR product to market. We are influencing global change, one company at a time.”

“The engineering team are sharp thinkers, hard workers, methodical –
they work well together free of egos. I have not worked with a team of
this caliber before in my career and I am enjoying it day to day.”
– Yeturu Aahlad, Chief Scientist, Inventor and Co-Founder

“Big Data is groundbreaking, pioneering and requires the greatest
minds in the industry and we have them here at WANdisco.”
– David Richards, CEO, President and co-founder

What we offer

Collaboration with thought leaders, challenging work, an opportunity to shape the future of technology: WANdisco isn’t just a place to work – it’s a place to do something great.

The Experience

No benchwarmers here

We pride ourselves on personal accountability and the quality of our execution in all that we do. Once you’re here, there's nowhere to hide and plenty of space for you to stand out.

Like minds with varying viewpoints

Everyone is unique with his or her own perspectives and opinions. And we don’t just believe that, our continuing to innovate depends on it.

We don’t offer jobs — we offer careers

At WANdisco, every member of our team is valuable and we invest in the continued professional growth and career advancement of our employees.

Monetary compensation

  • Competitive salary
  • Employee referral bonuses
  • Relocation support
  • Stock participation for key roles

Insurance & retirement (US)

  • Life Insurance
  • Medical, dental, vision
  • 401k

Unlimited vacation policy (UK)

We work on the basis of trust and responsibility, so you can take as much vacation time as you need, providing you get the job done. Equally, we make sure that you take your statutory minimum entitlement.

“Co-ordinate intent and not the outcome, forever changed
my perspective on building reliable services.”
– Jagane Sundar, CTO and VP Engineering, Big Data Products

Are you a good fit for WANdisco?

At WANdisco, we’re not looking for a type, but rather someone with characteristics
that complement our team and reflect our values.

Agile and responsive

Someone who sees opportunity in ambiguity and can help us create appropriate process as we build and grow.


We are hiring a whole person, not a CV or a list of skills. We want people with passions outside of work, and because we’re curious, we like to understand what they are.

Coding gurus (Engineers)

Your coding skills and technical expertise must be top-notch. Beware, we are highly selective so be prepared to be strongly challenged.

Thinkers and doers

The only thing we love more than someone who can think through how to tackle a challenge is a person who can also take the next step and get it done.


We don’t try to create clones like a lot of big companies. We want individuals who know who they are and play to their strengths.

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