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WANdisco Data Activation Platform

Make data usable at scale across data centers, edge systems, and public clouds.

New Capabilities Help Modern Data Teams Deliver Value Faster

  • Maximize network bandwidth usage
  • Save money and disk space with automatic source cleanup
  • Ensure data consistency with verification enhancements
  • Prioritize migrations providing more resources to critical jobs
  • Simplify management and configuration using intuitive UI

Activate Your Data

A single platform to meet all of your data migration and activation needs.

Data activation is the process of leveraging business-critical data to enable better business decisions, improve the customer experience, create new revenue streams, and deliver meaningful and measurable business value.

WANdisco® Data Activation Platform enables the movement of Hadoop data and metadata, as well as the continuous movement of IoT and file system data across edge systems, data centers, and public clouds.

WANdisco Solutions

Data Migrator

  • Automates migration of Hadoop data and Hive metadata
  • Eliminates application downtime or business disruption
  • Minimizes business risks
  • Enables fastest time to business outcomes

Data Migrator for Azure

  • Turnkey migration solution with deep integration to Azure services
  • Deploy and manage from Azure Portal and CLI
  • Provides experience similar to that of other native Azure services
  • Microsoft´s preferred solution for Hadoop-to-Azure migrations

Edge to Cloud

  • Automates movement of IoT and file data
  • Supports all leading public cloud environments, avoiding vendor lock-in
  • Scales horizontally using multiple agents
  • Takes full advantage of available network bandwidth

“WANdisco’s ability to move petabytes of data without interrupting production and without risk of losing the data mid-flight is something no other vendor does.”

Merv Adrian, Vice President of Data and Analytics at Gartner Research


Use Cases

Cloud Data Migration

Increasingly, organizations are migrating what they have implemented on-premises using Hadoop, Spark, and other technologies to optimize their data architecture and leverage modern cloud platforms.

    IoT and File Movement from the Edge to the Cloud

    Gartner predicts edge computing is a trend that will complement cloud computing for nearly every enterprise by 2025. IoT applications with low-latency requirements will be done at the edge, while analytics using the same data is best performed in the cloud.

    Cloud Analytics

    Enterprises are moving their on-premises workloads to the analytic tooling available in the cloud and leveraging modern platforms such as Databricks, Snowflake, AWS EMR, Azure HDInsight, and Oracle Lakehouse, among others.

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