Data Migration Service

Hassle-free migration of on-prem Hadoop data to the cloud.
On time. Guaranteed.


Why the Data Migration Service is right for your migration project

Data migration projects are growing more complex causing the majority to exceed their timelines and budgets. Data migration is not your organization’s core competency, so why use your highly skilled engineers' time on developing custom migration solutions? Allow them to focus on business critical functions, and let WANdisco worry about the data migration complexities.

WANdisco’s Data Migration Service is a managed service offering for on-premises Hadoop to Cloud data migration projects where WANdisco manages and performs the entire Hadoop data migration for your organization.

The managed service ensures an outcome-based delivery for an on-time, on-budget, and successful data migration project. The Data Migration Service is up to 75% cheaper than alternative migration approaches and is delivered in a third of the time.

Benefits of Data Migration Service

Ensures your Hadoop data migrations are completed on time and budget with no disruption to your business or engineering resources.

On Time

  • On time project delivery
  • Ensure successful data migration project
  • Delivered in ⅓ of the time

On Budget

  • Predictable cost of migration
  • 75% cheaper than alternative approaches
  • Predictable and validated results

No Disruption

  • Zero impact to your engineering resources
  • Zero system downtime
  • Continuous migration even as data is changing

“WANdisco’s uniqueness lies in how it packages Hadoop data migration as a fully hands-off service.”

Merv Adrian, Gartner Research Vice President of Data and Analytics


How it Works

  • Discovery

    Understand the environment landscape including information about the on-premises data lake environment, your target cloud environment, network bandwidth capacity, and key business drivers and requirements.

  • Prerequisite Sign-off

    Ensure all migration requirements are in place including Data Migrator software prerequisites, network bandwidth capacity and target cloud infrastructure requirements and services.

  • Candidate Migration

    Validate the migration approach with a representative data subset and provide an opportunity to adjust any final migration plans or terms.

  • Full Migration

    Initiate the data migration, which includes the initial data set as well as any ongoing changes to the production data for the agreed to timeframe.

  • Validation and QA

    Assurance that all data has been migrated. Define validation process to enable customer signoff. Run the verification routines and ensure consistency.

  • Customer Handover

    Define a handover process for the customer and conclude the migration.

Find Out More

Contact us to discuss your migration requirements and how we can provide a faster delivery at lower costs to ensure your success.


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