Use Cases : Manufacturing

Moving business critical data


An American multinational industrial company, with multiple mission critical assets assets that require considerable monitoring and service throughout their lives, needed to ensure both service level agreements and regulatory requirements are met when moving business critical data between different Hadoop data environments.


Industrial data creation and use are faster when compared to data in other sectors. Safety considerations are more critical and security environments are more restrictive. As a result, the integration and synchronization of data and analytics, often in real time, can be needed more than in other sectors.

The industrial company found WANdisco Fusion® was the only enterprise grade solution that could move large volumes of critical data with no downtime and no business disruption. Other available solutions were unable to meet these stringent requirements.

  • Continuous and consistent data replication for business critical applications with no downtime
  • Reduced server hardware requirements as disaster recovery sites are now used for compute workloads
  • Intuitive admin console for monitoring, scheduling and audit
  • 360 degree views of global supply chains, trend analysis, application based predictive analytics as well as compliance monitoring across regulated lines of business