Use Cases : Financial Services

Meeting regulatory requirements with WANdisco Fusion®


A leading US business and consumer banking firm, with assets in excess of $200 billion tested Hadoop vendor tools and dual ingest approaches for replication, backup and disaster recovery and found they couldn't meet either their business or regulatory requirements for availability and performance. Backups could only run every 24 hours due to resource contention, risking significant data loss after an outage. Production rollout of new big data applications supporting credit card fraud detection and loan risk analysis stalled for two years due to lack of an acceptable solution.


After evaluating a number of alternatives they deployed WANdisco Fusion®'s patented Active Data Replication with Oracle’s Big Data Appliance across multiple data centers. The bank is one of Oracle’s largest Big Data Appliance customers.

  • Using WANdisco Fusion® the banking firm began to replicate 20TB per day across two data centers with plans to expand to four sites.
  • They achieved sub 15-minute service level agreements for high availability of key financial applications and can now upgrade seamlessly with the elimination of planned outages.
  • With continuous access to the latest information across multiple geographies, the bank is able to effectively detect credit card fraud and undertake timely business and consumer loan risk analysis.
  • Using WANdisco Fusion®, the bank plans to expand their Hadoop implementation to include Oracle’s cloud offering to extend their storage and computing capacity on-demand. This gives them the option of a hybrid cloud deployment or migrating entirely to Oracle’s cloud environment with no disruption and no downtime.