Hybrid Cloud

The majority of enterprises that are using data in the cloud are, and will be, maintaining a hybrid cloud deployment for the foreseeable future. Hybrid cloud deployments are made up of a mixture of on-premises environments along with public cloud resources that work together. Deploying a true hybrid cloud environment requires that data be allowed to be changed in either environment and replicated to the other in order to ensure data consistency. All too often organizations manage these deployments separately resulting in siloed operations. When managed correctly, hybrid cloud deployments can offer many advantages allowing businesses greater flexibility and options as usage demands, needs, and costs change.

Cloud Bursting

With consistent data across environments, enterprises can leverage hybrid deployments for cloud bursting. Rather than build out the on-premises infrastructure to account for peak demands, traffic can be directed to the public cloud as needed, resulting in no interruption of services.

Cloud Innovation

By maintaining their on-premises environments as long as necessary, enterprises can continue to run their existing production workloads as they are, while new innovations can be deployed in the cloud to take advantage of the advanced functionality it offers.

WANdisco LiveData Plane

LiveData Plane provides active-active Hadoop data replication across multiple distributed and diverse IT environments regardless of geographic location, Hadoop distribution or cloud storage provider, ensuring 100% data consistency and enabling true hybrid cloud deployments.

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