WANdisco Fusion® for Disaster Recovery

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WANdisco Fusion guarantees global data consistency and accessibility for your critical applications, and protects your data in the event of a disaster.

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Evolve From Point-in-Time Backup

Continuous replication protects data and doesn’t impact on-premise or cloud application performance.

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Automate Recovery After an Outage

Self-healing capabilities streamline site recovery. Rest easy with near zero RTO and RPO data protection.

Always available

Enable Cost-Effective Utilization

Fully utilize hardware previously reserved for backup and recovery, and improve your infrastructure ROI.

Introducing LiveData for MultiCloud

LiveData for MultiCloud is an enterprise software platform built to enable guaranteed data consistency across multi-cloud and multi-region datacenters. The solution enables applications to access and modify data in mixed environment object stores (e.g., Azure Blob Storage, Amazon S3) ensuring data is available and consistent across all of them.

Are you MultiCloud Ready?

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IDC estimates 80% of new application deployments will include a HybridCloud component; how can you avoid the inefficiencies of straddling two infrastructures? By synchronizing data across all your environments, WANdisco Fusion enables true HybridCloud capabilities, offering agility, flexibility, and manageability of extended architectures.

Learn more from the IDC TECHNOLOGY SPOTLIGHT “Assuring Petabyte-scale Data Consistency in a Multicloud Environment.”

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WANdisco Fusion enables a LiveData platform that gives you global data consistency in any environment using an advanced consensus algorithm. See how it works.

Conquer the LiveData gap

WANdisco is shaping the future of data infrastructure with its groundbreaking LiveData platform, enabling companies to finally put all their data to work for the business – all the time, at any scale. Only WANdisco makes data always available, always accurate, and always protected, delivering hyperscale economics to support exponential data growth with the same IT budget. Conquer the LiveData gap.

Conquer the LiveData Gap

Delivering remarkable results for our customers

WANdisco Fusion enables social gaming company Playtika to sync its 300 TB on-premise Cloudera Hadoop cluster to Amazon S3 with no downtime and no disruption, delivering the perfect always online experience for gamers.

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