LiveData Platform for Azure is Now Generally Available

By Paul Scott-Murphy, Oct 18, 2021

Today, we announced that WANdisco’s LiveData Platform for Azure is generally available. The first native Azure service provided is LiveData Migrator for Azure, which is Microsoft’s preferred migration solution for on-premises to Azure data migrations. This marks an important moment in the partnership between Microsoft and WANdisco, delivering WANdisco’s groundbreaking technology for migrating on-premises Hadoop data and metadata to Azure. The business benefits of turnkey, automated Hadoop migration at scale to Azure are significant, and are not possible without the ability this platform provides to migrate without application or system service disruption.

WANdisco began engineering work two years ago to integrate its platform for migrating data at scale without business interruption with Azure, partnering with Microsoft to provide a native Azure experience. This allows Azure users to access a turnkey solution for on-premises Hadoop migration to Azure directly from the Azure portal or command-line, so that Hadoop activities can continue while migration is underway. All configuration, management, monitoring, and support is performed directly against the interfaces and infrastructure provided by Azure, delivering migration as a peer of all other native Azure services.

“With WANdisco’s LiveData Platform for Azure, we were able to quickly begin migrating our business-critical data, significantly accelerating our time-to-value in the cloud,” said Azure customer Cristian Camilo Garcia Serna, Data Architect, Tuya, SA.

For a discussion of the technology and benefits of LiveData migration, explore the video content from Jeff King, Sr. Program Manager for Microsoft, and Paul Scott-Murphy, CTO for WANdisco.

Using LiveData Migrator for Azure is simple

With this announcement, getting your data locked in on-premises Hadoop to ADLS Gen 2 storage is easier than ever. LiveData Migrator for Azure provides full support for advanced Azure features for configuration, monitoring, bandwidth management, security, and more.

It’s simple to access LiveData Migrator for Azure directly from the Azure portal for the fastest way to begin your Azure migration. Offered under the standard Microsoft Service Contract, you can take advantage of any existing consumption commitment, migrate up to 25 TB of data at no cost for the service, and you will not need to make any changes to your on-premises data or applications to begin migrating data.

Even with the simplicity of deployment for your production environments, LiveData Migrator provides excellent support for evaluating how well the technology will fit your requirements before you start. Take advantage of the Test Drive option to access a working migration environment, including a source Hadoop cluster, to familiarize yourself with operation in an independently-provided Azure subscription, or use the option to automatically provision a test Hadoop cluster in your Azure subscription for further exploration.

Once you have created a LiveData Migrator resource, you can reference target storage accounts and metastore databases to begin migrating data and metadata immediately.

Track the progress and activities for your migrations with integrated Azure metrics that you can display alongside other information in dashboards.

Pricing is simple and billing is integrated with Azure

LiveData Migrator for Azure has simple pricing that includes Microsoft support and is based on the volume of data migrated and the number of subsequent changes made and migrated from that data on-premises. Associated costs beyond the free tier for up to 25 TB are allocated to your existing Azure subscription bill so that you can benefit from Microsoft’s preferred migration technology for Hadoop to Azure today.

See it in action

See how easy it is to use LiveData Migrator for Azure and manage the migration process with this series of demo videos showcasing some of the key capabilities of LiveData Migrator for Azure.

Steve Kilgore Paul Scott-Murphy

Chief Technology Officer, WANdisco

Paul has overall responsibility for WANdisco’s product strategy, including the delivery of product to market and its success. This includes directing the product management team, product strategy, requirements definitions, feature management and prioritisation, roadmaps, coordination of product releases with customer and partner requirements and testing. Previously Regional Chief Technology Officer for TIBCO Software in Asia Pacific and Japan. Paul has a Bachelor of Science with first class honours and a Bachelor of Engineering with first class honours from the University of Western Australia.



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