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The Three Stages of Enterprise Cloud Adoption

Live Migrator

Non-Blocking movement to the cloud

LiveMigrator enables companies to move data lakes to the cloud without downtime or disruption of service.

Hybrid Cloud

Active-active hybrid cloud to enable porting of applications

WANdisco Fusion takes the work out of managing your public-private data environment.


Keep your data consistent across multiple cloud environments

We enable continuous replication of data across multiple cloud vendors and across an unlimited number of regions

How LiveMigrator Works

Our Strategic Partners

Google Cloud

Learn how to address the challenges of operating hybrid environments that span Google and on-premises services, showing how active data replication that guarantees consistency can work at scale.

Microsoft Azure

Azure and WANdisco together offer enterprises a hybrid strategy for the short and long term.

Amazon Web Services

WANdisco and AWS helps you to migrate data to Amazon Web Services (AWS) rapidly and easily, and to exploit the power and capabilities of the AWS environment.

Our Approach, LiveData

Consensus technology that ONLY attempts data replication

A recent Gartner survey on cloud adoption also revealed than 80% of respondents using public cloud are using more than one cloud service provider.

Why Daimler moved its big data platform to the cloud

"We needed the means to secure the data in the Microsoft data center with our own means that ensure that only we have access to the raw data and work with the data."

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  • Productivity

    Developers work together across locations, using the same interface with their normal tooling with no requirement for additional training.

  • Always Available

    Automatic failover and recovery with no admin or additional third party backup and recovery solutions required.

  • Lower Cost Structure

    Reductions in development time, administrative overhead and network bandwidth usage our multisite solutions pay for themselves.

  • Transparency

    With no change to Subversion, Git and Gerrit functionality, continue to use the tools you are familiar with.


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