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Guaranteed data consistency across hybrid cloud, Multi Cloud and multi-region data-centers.


At petabyte scale and across diverse geographic locations, WANdisco provides guaranteed consistency ensuring ZERO risk of data loss and ZERO risk of business interruption while your business takes advantage of cloud economics and analytic solutions

Enterprises can now fully accelerate their journey to the cloud and utilize the benefits of cloud analytics with WANdisco's patented and game changing LiveData Platform. Enterprise data, that is under constant change, can now be freed from silos and moved without disrupting business operations, to wherever and whenever it is needed. With the most accurate data, without risk of data inconsistency and data loss. Enterprises are now utilizing the LiveData Platform to utilize the significant power of cloud analytics.

Enterprises need guaranteed consistency of data, even at petabyte scale, across geographic locations. To deliver this 100% consistency at scale, WANdisco's LiveData Platform is built upon its patented Distributed Consensus Engine (DConE) that forms the building blocks for all of WANdisco's products.

Enterprises now have fully active on-premises disaster recovery clusters, that are guaranteed to be consistent with their production cluster. WANdisco's LiveData Platform allows these enterprises to run analytical operations in parallel without risk of lost data if the primary cluster fails.

As enterprises look to take advantage of cloud scale economics, WANdisco has evolved to support enterprises journey to the cloud, by building upon its patented technology to support unique capabilities around data movement and data consistency. The LiveData Platform migrates large scale Hadoop data lakes into the cloud. With zero disruption to business operations during migration, LiveData Platform keeps both on-premises and cloud data sets consistent post migration without pressure of a risky hard cutover from one environment to another. The combination of LiveMigrator and WANdisco Fusion provides the safest and most stress free on-ramp to the cloud.

Once data resides in the cloud, enterprises are empowered to maintain a Hybrid Cloud or create a Multi Cloud environment where data can reside in geographically dispersed regions within a single cloud, or enterprises can leverage the application capabilities across multiple cloud vendors, thereby avoiding vendor lock-in.

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LiveMigrator is a first of its kind Big Data migration tool.

With WANdisco LiveMigrator, bringing big data to the cloud won't disrupt your business. LiveMigrator's One Pass and One Click capabilities migrate your production system data to Azure with no application downtime. LiveMigrator then validates data consistency while your largest datasets are under active change.

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Learn About LiveMigrator

LiveMigrator solves a challenge that has vexed the industry for over 50 years.

Migrate your data between cloud or HDP environments without disruption or downtime. Watch our video to learn how LiveMigrator can help you to migrate your data to the cloud.

Business success now depends on bringing exabytes of constantly changing data to work in the cloud. When bringing big data to hybrid, multi-region and cloud environments, businesses have two options.

Manual Cloud Migrations are based on custom programming to copy data to the cloud. Large data sets take time to bring to the cloud. While making data available in the cloud, change and ingest is still needed. This time lag makes it challenging to ACCURATELY bring continuously changing large scale data sets to the cloud. These manual migrations create unnecessary business risk because they can disrupt the operation of on-premises applications, deliver inconsistent data, risk data loss, and lack accuracy validation. In addition, they cause costly overhead with time overruns, manual checking, repeated scans, and significant resources for custom code maintenance and management.

Alternatively, automated cloud migrations are based on WANdisco LiveMigrator. Migrate at scale from continuously operating on-premises systems to AWS, Azure Databricks, ADLS and multiple Azure/AWS regions. As changes occur anywhere in the donor system, LiveMigrator’s One DataTruth creates and validates beneficiary data consistency. Additionally, LiveMigrator minimizes IT resources with One Click replication across all major commercial Hadoop distributions and Azure storage and analytic services, while requiring just One Pass of the source storage.

Category Solutions
Hadoop to cloud migration Cloudera/Hortonworks/MapR to ADLS Cloudera/MapR to AWS S3
Hadoop to Spark migration Cloudera/HortonWorks/MapR to Azure Databricks LiveAnalytics: Hive to Deltalake


Data is becoming more and more distributed, stored in multiple locations on-premises and in the cloud. An influx of constantly changing data generated in and outside the organization presents challenges for data accessibility and data consistency.

Innovation and economic growth are enabled by the ability to access and share data, and enterprises across all industries need new technologies to exploit their data's full potential.

WANdisco provides LiveData for Multi Cloud, built for guaranteed data consistency across hybrid cloud, Multi Cloud and multi-region data-centers.

LiveData for Multi Cloud ensures that data is always consistent in geographically distributed object store environments, which is a critical requirement for distributed, Multi Cloud operations. The solution enables applications to access and modify S3 Objects and Azure Blobs in any location while ensuring data is available and consistent across all of them. LiveData for MultiCloud is now production ready, with major features such as a web-based user interface, high-availability, horizontal scalability, selective replication and replication across firewall-restricted deployments.


Learn how LiveHive allows your Apache Hive infrastructure to participate fully in a LiveData platform.

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Consistent Apache Hive Metadata

LiveHive extends the capabilities of WANdisco Fusion to allow your Hive infrastructure to participate fully in a LiveData platform.

Give your Hadoop clusters a shared Hive metastore without the cost of single points of failure, degraded performance or administrative headaches.

Replicate Hive metadata as it changes in any cluster, with strong consistency among all environments, and selective replication based on matching databases, tables and file system locations.

Always consistent queries

Share the same Hive definitions across multiple environments, regardless of where and when changes are made. Dramatically simplify the configuration of metadata replication with a LiveData Platform, so that all applications have access to the same Hive tables wherever they are required.


Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

Every site is writable, using your existing tooling, Git, Gerrit or Subversion. Parallel transaction processing across multiple repositories for improved performance and control.

Power your business with future-proof technology

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Developers work together across locations, using the same interface with their normal tooling with no requirement for additional training.

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Lower cost structure

Reductions in development time, administrative overhead and network bandwidth usage, our multisite solutions pay for themselves.

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Always available

Automatic failover and recovery with no admin or additional third party backup and recovery solutions required.

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With no change to Subversion, Git and Gerrit functionality, continue to use the tools you are familiar with.

Learn more about source code management products

Git MultiSite

Learn how to eliminate the single point of failure of the lone Git "upstream" repository and benefit from no downtime and no disruption with instant synchronization and LAN-speed access at all locations.

Gerrit MultiSite

With our patented technology, Gerrit repositories, meta-data and events can be replicated to and from any location with no single point of failure.

SVN MultiSite

Learn how WANdisco SVN Multisite Plus, powered by our patented replication technology, enables gloablly distributed teams using Subversion to collaborate as if they are in one location whilst benefiting from triple digit ROI.

Access Control Plus

Access Control Plus delivers a single, easy-to-use point-and-click solution that fully protects valuable source code across all of your Subversion and Git repositories.

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