Power your business with future-proof technology

Organizations around the world are able to work more effectively and efficiently with the benefits our patented technology provides.


Data ingest and analysis across disparate environments and locations leads to a greater understanding of your client base giving you a competitive advantage.


Real time data availability enhances collaboration leading to more effective decision making.


No downtime and no data loss increases revenue and employee productivity as you operate around the clock.

Cost Saving

All servers are used for backup and disaster recovery with no redundancy.


Analyze your data without moving sensitive information across borders to remain compliant with data security and privacy protection regulations.


Only our servers are exposed through the firewall reducing vulnerability to hackers.


Analyze your data in the way you want as we replicate changes across different environments with guaranteed consistency and no vendor lock-in.


Ensure the availability of the same real time data across multiple storage environments and locations whether on-premise or in the cloud.

We workwith the world’s top companies

"Our business comes with a lot of administrative overhead, risk of error, latency and inconsistencies in our data. WANdisco solved all of these problems for us."

Major International Insurance Company

Our idea how our vision became a reality

Our CEO David Richards, COO Jim Campigli and Dr. Aahlad co-founded WANdisco in 2005. They grew the company without raising any private equity, venture capital or angel funding and led it to a highly successful IPO on the London Stock Exchange on June 1st 2012. Our IPO raised over $24 million and was oversubscribed by more than 300%. The list of investors included Fidelity, Legal & General, BlackRock, Artemis, Hargreave Hale, Cazenove, M&G, Octopus and Standard Life.

Patented technology created by the best and the brightest

Our Chief Scientist Dr. Aahlad is a recognized world-wide authority on distributed computing. Dr. Aahlad’s vision and years of persistence led to the invention of a patented technology many said was impossible.

We think differently and made the impossible possible

In the 1990s Sun Microsystems identified eight fallacies about distributed computing. These were a set of false assumptions made by programmers new to distributed applications which would result in a failure or reduction of the system or in large, unplanned expenses to redesign the system to meet its original goals.

Our patented technology means these assumptions are now true. Computer science still says this is impossible.

  • The network is reliable
  • Latency is zero
  • Bandwidth is infinite
  • The network is secure
  • Topology doesn’t change
  • There is one administrator
  • Transport cost is zero
  • The network is homogeneous

How we realized the answer with our patented technology

Our patents mean we are the only ones who have the technology to make Active Transactional Data Replication® a reality.

  • Distributed computing systems and system components thereof [8,364,633]
  • Methods, devices and systems for dynamically managing memberships in replicated state machines within a distributed computing environment [9,009,215]
  • Methods, devices and systems for dynamically managing memberships in replicated state machines within a distributed computing environment [9,154,553]
  • Methods, devices and systems enabling a secure and authorized induction of a node into a group of nodes in a distributed computing environment [9,264,516]
  • Methods, devices and systems for initiating, forming and joining memberships in distributed computing systems [9,332,069]
  • Distributed file system using consensus nodes [9,361,311]
  • Distributed file system using consensus nodes [Divisional of 9,361,311]

In addition we have 25 pending applications, both in the US and internationally.

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