Welcome to the LiveData World

Imagine what you could do.

Welcome to the LIVE DATA World

Imagine data being able to move anywhere at any time and available in multiple locations as it changes. Data that is always available, always accurate and always protected. Secure and future proof. At a fundamentally lower cost structure.

Only one company can deliver this: WANdisco.

Imagine a world where your data is...

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Always Accurate

Full integrity with mathematical consistency.

Guarantee your data is always accurate with full integrity and mathematical consistency across all nodes regardless of scale and geographic location.

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Delivering Hyperscale Economics

Fundamentally Lower Cost Structure.

Multiply the impact of your IT investment with fully utilized human and compute capacity, accelerating project timelines while avoiding costly business disruption.

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Always Protected

No Single Source of Failure.

Eliminate outages with all nodes active and equal, with no single source of failure, both on-premises and in the cloud.

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Always Available

Shared logical pool of data.

Operationalize your data as a shared logical pool so that your data is always live and available with zero RTO/RPO.

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