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Format of UberSVN dump files - are they zipped?

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  • Format of UberSVN dump files - are they zipped?

    Are these files generated by UberSVN in GZip format automatically and if not, can they just be loaded with svnadmin as-is ? I am trying to make a new repository on a linux host from an UberSVN repository on my own computer.


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    Hi there,

    The uberSVN backup file is a backup of your uberSVN configuration (teams, repos, users, permissions etc) and not of the repositories themselves. For that you'd need to use the standard Subversion commands.


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      Yes, well, no. There is terminology confusion here. When I said dump files I meant the repo dumps from the repo admin tab.
      I have since determined that they are not zipped but some sort of svn-mystic compressed format. I achieved something like 2:1 compression using WinRAR in zip format. Compresssion is helpful as I am transferring these repositories to a leased host for redundant backup.

      It would be highly desirable to be able to zip them on the fly as they are exported, using some predetermined zipper tool.

      All set with this now.

      Thanks for your assistance.


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        Sorry for the confusion there.

        I've raised this as a suggestion for our product team. You can see/comment/upvote this here: