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    Hello all. I'm a brand new Subversion user, and am trying to come up with the practices our organiziation will use for our code migration and tracking. We want to have a distinction between our dev, test, qa, and prod regions, as well as between multiple releases that could be underway.

    So I was thinking that for each release we'd created a "qa" branch of the trunk (prod), then a test branch off of qa, and development off of test. All work would be done on the development branch, and then when the code is deployed to test the dev branch would be merged with test (and so on up the line to production).

    If we had concurrent releases being worked on, each would have it's own set of branches, but the 2nd release would never get moved to test until the prior one was in prod. Therefore once the first release is deployed and merged back with the trunk, we'd up an update on the QA and test branch on release 2 before merging that dev branch back with the test.

    I guess my first question is does that sounds like a workable solution for us

    My 2nd quesion is about the Messages. I merged two branches and I'm not always seeing the messages from my first commit. How do I ensure that I don't lose any of that data?
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