Moving Big Data projects into
production isn't simple.

Only 18% of non-IT early adopters are happy with the results of their Big Data initiatives, so what do enterprise Hadoop architects need to do to seize Big Data business opportunities?

Protect critical data

Maintain performance as service goes viral

Guarantee always-on access for users and applications

Our patented active-active replication engine solves these critical data management challenges with Hadoop and HBase. Data silos are instantly transformed into fast, secure, and fully reliable enterprise-wide data stores.

There's a reason active-active replication is a 'must have' on enterprise architecture checklists. It's the only way to provide 100% data availability and global scalability for Hadoop and HBase.

Consistent HCFS data layer spans distributions and storage systems for total data protection and elastic scalability.

  • Total data protection for selected subsets of HCFS
  • Elastic expansion in private or public cloud for burst processing and efficient backup

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Our patented DconE engine is used by companies worldwide