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Ingest, analyze and replicate anywhere

Ingest and analyze data at any number of edge locations simultaneously.

Always Accurate

Eliminate the delay and risk of moving data over a write pipeline for analysis when timeliness and accuracy are critical and a real-time response is required.

Always Available

Virtually zero RTO and RPO as data reflects the latest changes in all environments with automated failover and disaster recovery across LAN and WAN.

Always Protected

Only Fusion servers communicate over a WAN reducing vulnerability to hacking compared to other solutions.

Additional Benefits

  • Move data between any Fusion supported on-premises and cloud environments
  • Selective replication keeps sensitive data where it belongs but processes and pulls results together across all locations
  • Analyze and replicate sensor data as it streams in. Files don’t have to be fully written and closed before data is transferred
  • Simple setup in both on-premises and cloud environments has you up and running in minutes
  • Intuitive admin console for monitoring, scheduling and audit

Creating remarkable resultsfor our customers

GOVERNMENTMaking cities smarter

A city in the Gulf wanted to use information and communication technologies to improve municipal services and respond to residents’ needs as efficiently as possible. Given the critical nature of many of these services continuous availability and real-time performance were hard requirements for the municipal government.

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