White Papers

  • WANdisco Fusion® for Business Intelligence & Data Science: Why is Active Data Migration critical to success?

    There are a number of key infrastructure requirements for a successful BI strategy. These challenges cannot be underestimated and represent potentially enormous problems in both single-vendor or heterogeneous environments that include Hadoop, Cloud and other systems.

  • Bringing Hadoop into the banking mainstream

    This case study details a global retail bank pleased by the success of its early Hadoop initiatives, but concerned that regulatory and technical barriers might prevent it from realizing the technology’s full potential.

  • Hadoop, enterprise ready and beyond

    In Hadoop, Enterprise Ready and Beyond, Robin Bloor, Ph.D. and Rebecca Jozwiak of The Bloor Group examine how WANdisco is enabling businesses to re-think Hadoop.

  • Comparing WANdisco Fusion to Cloudera BDR: a methodology and results

    Leading software testing firm Appvance recommends WANdisco Fusion® over Cloudera BDR for data replication, backup and disaster recovery.

  • Migrating production Hadoop clusters on-premises and to the cloud

    Download our free white paper to learn what’s required to enable old and new environments to operate in parallel during migration, without disrupting normal operations.