Webinar Replays


  • Mar 23 2017

    Uniting a global development workforce with Juniper

    Join us to learn how Juniper Networks relies on WANdisco to unite a globally distributed development workforce within Subversion, delivering results such as: - A 24/7 Continuous Integration environment with zero Subversion downtime - Increased productivity and maximized valuable engineering time and efficiency - Eliminated the effects of network failures and the dependency on legacy backup procedures
  • Mar 2 2017

    Access control for Subversion and Git

    Enterprise development teams are frequently working with multiple types of SCM repositories, such as Git and Subversion. Git does a solid job handling source code; Subversion does a solid job handling binary artifacts and is likely where many older projects' full histories reside. Managing both Subversion and Git repositories together is quite a challenge. Join us to learn how to make it easy.