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  • Oct 09 2014

    Benchmarking Git and Subversion

    What defines ‘good’ SCM performance? What do you need to measure? Especially if you're migrating between tools, it's better to ask these questions before developers start to complain. This webinar will examine key indicators of SCM performance and how to measure success in your organization.
    - Defining SCM performance benchmarks
    - How to measure SCM performance
    - Examining key performance indicators and measuring success
    Presenter: Randy DeFauw
    Randy DeFauw is Director of Product Marketing for WANdisco’s ALM products. With extensive experience in development tools and processes, he focuses on real world challenges and brings customer requirements directly to his product oversight role. Prior to joining WANdisco, Randy worked in product management, marketing, consulting, and development. He has years of experience applying Subversion and Git workflows to modern development challenges.

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