Webinar Replays


  • Feb 14 2017

    ETL and big data: Building simpler data pipelines

    In the traditional world of EDW, ETL pipelines are a troublesome bottleneck when preparing data for use in the data warehouse. ETL pipelines are notoriously expensive and brittle, so as companies move to Hadoop they look forward to getting rid of the ETL infrastructure. But is it that simple? Some companies are finding that in order to move data between clusters for backup or aggregation purposes, whether on-premises or to the cloud, they are building systems that look an awful lot like ETL.


  • Jan 26 2017

    Using the cloud for on-premises disaster recovery

    The cloud greatly extends disaster recovery options, yields significant cost savings by removing the need for DR hardware and support staff on-premises, and provides insurance against a total on-premises infrastructure failure. However, solutions available for cloud DR vary greatly, directly impacting the amount of downtime and data loss experienced after an outage. Join us as we review the solutions available and explain how the cloud can be used for on-premises system DR with virtually zero downtime and data loss.
  • Jan 11 2017

    Big data storage: Options and recommendations

    Hadoop clusters are often built around commodity storage, but architects now have a wide selection of Big Data storage choices, including solid-state or spinning disk for clusters and enterprise storage for compatibility layers and connectors. In this webinar, our CTO will review the storage options available to Hadoop architects and provide recommendations for each use case, including an active-active replication option that makes data available across multiple storage systems.