Use Case : Financial Services

Making the most of existing infrastructure


One of the largest life insurance companies in the US needed a solution that was best fit to handle their ingest and analytic workloads in terms of both cost effectiveness and performance. Without a large IT staff to call on for support, the insurer also required a solution that was easy to administer, with enterprise grade backup and recovery capabilities to eliminate downtime and data loss as well as ensure consistent data replication across their clusters. 


After extensive evaluation, the insurance company selected WANdisco Fusion® over backup and recovery solutions offered by other major hardware vendors that cost more, were more complex and did not match up in terms of capabilities offered. 

  • Guaranteed continuous availability and consistency with our patented active transactional replication technology with data available for processing within seconds.
  • Elimination of read-only backup servers by making their three 100 TB clusters fully writeable and readable as well as capable of sharing data and running applications regardless of location, turning the costly overhead of dual environments during migration into productive assets.
  • RPO down from up to 24 hours to nearly zero (seconds).
  • Selective replication on a per folder basis enables the insurance company to only replicate what’s required and keep sensitive data where it belongs to meet business and regulatory requirements.
  • No administrator involvement for setup, maintenance and monitoring as Fusion® exceeded their service level agreements and enabled them to fully operationalize Hadoop.
  • Reduction of attack surface available to hackers with only Fusion® servers exposed through the firewall.
  • No downtime for back up.
  • Automatic recovery following an outage.

“DistCp comes with a lot of administrative overhead, risk of error, latency and inconsistencies in your data. At the end of the day, WANdisco solved all those problems for us".

Manager, Database Engineering