Use Cases

UC IRVINE HEALTHHow big data is saving lives

UC Irvine Health is one of the world’s first medical institutions to reduce the number of deaths caused by medical error using our patented technology.

100% data synchronization

Syniverse enhances employee productivity with real time data availability across multiple locations.

30% increase in productivity

Phoenix Technologies’ development teams work round the clock with the availability of the same real time data across multiple locations.

JUNIPER NETWORKSUniting a global workforce

Juniper Networks operate 24/7 with no downtime and no disruption with the same real time data available in each of their offices and all servers used for backup and disaster recovery.

Financial Services

Reduce losses due to fraud and save on infrastructure spending with guaranteed data consistency and availability.


Enhance mobile and location services for hundreds of millions of telecommunication customers with no downtime and no disruption.


Monitor patients in hospital, at home or on the move with zero latency.


Improve engineering operations and gain valuable insights into energy usage with access to real time data.

We workwith the world’s top companies

"Our business comes with a lot of administrative overhead, risk of error, latency and inconsistencies in our data. WANdisco solved all of these problems for us."

Major International Insurance Company