30 Sep 2019

Gartner: Liberate Applications for Migration by Disentangling Data

Data and analytics leader often struggle to guide cloud migration — "It is because isolated application design or insular business process approaches fail to recognize the mutable and highly mobile nature of data."

Local design decisions build up over time. Gradually their associated data becomes increasingly "entangled" and accumulates "technical debt" as data management principles fail to adhere to broader governance and design demands — so it is important to mitigate data entanglement as systems are integrated in hybrid cloud and on-premises environments.

Read this Gartner report to:

  • Learn how data becomes entangled and why it’s crucial to resolve it
  • Enable data and application mobility by "disentangling" data, which involves overcoming "data gravity"
  • Get a better understanding of data gravity to gauge and prioritize data migration efforts