LiveData Plane for Azure

Data Availability and Consistency Optimized for Azure

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LiveData Plane for Azure

LiveData Plane for Azure is a core Azure service that keeps unstructured data available and consistent across diverse environments regardless of geographic location, architecture, on-premises and cloud environments. LiveData Plane for Azure leverages WANdisco’s patented Distributed Coordination Engine to utilize consensus to ensure consistency of actively changing data across any combination of Hadoop distributions and Azure cloud storage.

Native Integration with Azure Resources

As part of the LiveData Cloud Services for Azure offering, LiveData Plane for Azure is deeply integrated with native Azure resources such as Azure Portal, CLI, Role Based Access Control, Active Directory, Azure Policy enforcement and Activity log integration. This tight integration provides customers with a turnkey user experience similar to other native Azure services. Further integration with Azure Billing means customers are billed directly through Azure, so there is no need to add a new vendor contract or require additional vendor approvals.

Customers have a significant opportunity to optimize costs and expand analytics and insights capabilities by moving their on-premise data lakes to the cloud. WANdisco Data Migrator and LiveData Plane are the first offerings to provide a fully integrated and turnkey experience for customers migrating Hadoop data into Azure Data Lake Storage seamlessly and without business disruption.

Tad Brockway, Corporate Vice President for Azure Network and Storage

Ideal for Hybrid Cloud and Other Use Cases

LiveData Plane works in conjunction with Data Migrator to establish an active-active data plane consistency between an enterprise’s Big Data Hadoop environment located on-premises and their cloud environment. Data Migrator performs the initial migration and LiveData Plane ensures that any subsequent changes (creates, updates, and deletes) can occur in either environment and be immediately captured and synchronized to the other. This enables support for the following use cases:

Adoption of Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) Gen2

ADLS is the only cloud storage service that is purpose-built for big data analytics. It is designed to integrate with a broad range of analytics frameworks enabling a true enterprise Data Lake, maximized performance via true filesystem semantics, and scalability to meet the needs of the most demanding analytics workloads.

Cloud Migration without Downtime

Non-disruptive automated migration to Azure, reducing the risks involved with large data migration initiatives and allows your users and systems to continue operating while migration is underway.

Hybrid Data Estate

Maintain a hybrid architecture where on-premises and Azure cloud environments are kept continuously in sync for as long as necessary.

Cloud Burst

Enable enterprises to access compute and storage in the cloud when required rather than building on-premises infrastructure for peak capacity that is unutilized during normal workloads.

Disaster Recovery

Enable organizations to failover to a remote environment in the case of system outages or because of manmade or natural disasters that would otherwise cause expensive service disruptions.

Cloud Analytics

Leverage LiveData Hive Plugin for Azure together with LiveData Plane for Azure to bring on-premises Hive workloads to Azure HDInsight, which provides a managed, full-spectrum, open-source analytics service in the Azure cloud.

Key features and benefits

Core service within Microsoft Azure:

Deep integration with Azure resources enables LiveData Plane to be deployed on Azure at the same time as other native Azure services

Support for Native Azure Security and Manageability:

Leveraging Azure features such as Role Based Access Control, Active Directory, Azure Policy enforcement and Activity Log integration

Billing Integration:

Customers are billed through Azure, eliminating the need for them to add a new vendor contract or require additional vendor approvals

Business continuity in a distributed environment:

A new approach to large scale data replication ensures data consistency and availability, even during large scale cloud data migrations

Global data resiliency:

Continuous replication prevents data disasters

Always available data:

Users and applications can access and change data from any location

Improved application performance:

Eliminates latency, points of failure, and availability challenges associated with geo-distributed data regardless of distance

Ability to meet strict data SLAs:

Near-zero RPO/RTO removes data gaps inherent with point-in-time backups or snapshots, and enables a long-term strategy for meeting regulation compliance requirements


Eliminates the need for administrators to respond to system level failures with automated recovery

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