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What is Apache Sentry?

Apache Sentry is a system for defining and enforcing fine-grained authorization against Hadoop resources. Use Sentry to control and enforce privileges on data for authenticated users and applications in a Hadoop cluster. It supports different data models with a modular architecture.

WANdisco Fusion gives you LiveData: consistent data everywhere, spanning platforms and locations, even for changing data at petabyte scale. Business critical data is guaranteed consistent, always available, and accessible from anywhere.

What is WANdisco LiveSentry?

Replicate Apache Sentry policies across clusters

The WANdisco Fusion Plugin for Live Sentry coordinates and replicates Sentry policies across clusters to maintain common policy enforcement in each. Use it to ensure consistent policy definition and enforcement across multiple clusters that share access to the same data with WANdisco Fusion.

WANdisco is shaping the future of data infrastructure with our ground-breaking LiveData Platform, enabling companies to finally put all their data to work for the business—all the time, at any scale. We make data available, accurate and protected across environments including on-premises and cloud, regardless of distance and data source. We do this at hyperscale to support exponential data growth within the same IT budget.

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What is WANdisco LiveSentry for Apache Sentry?

Always accurate

Changes made to Apache Sentry policies can be enforced consistently across separate clusters.

Always available

Change Sentry policies in any cluster to enforce access to cluster resources with the same authorization rights in each environment.

Always protected

Resolve inconsistent policy state from network failures between clusters automatically.

Regulatory compliance

Support role-based authorization for multiple groups that need access to the same data in different locations or clusters.

Welcome to the Live Data World - Imagine what you could do.

Imagine data being able to move anywhere at any time and available in multiple locations as it changes. Data that is always available, always accurate and always protected. Secure and future proof. At a fundamentally lower cost structure. Only one company can deliver this: WANdisco.

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