Free Trial Setup Instructions

Get WANdisco LiveAnalytics for Azure Databricks up and running in minutes in your own working environment.

Discover hands-on how WANdisco LiveAnalytics provides an automated risk-free approach to the challenges of replicating enterprise big data systems to the cloud.

Follow the instructions below on how to download and set up the 14-day or 100GB free trial.

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Step 1

Install Docker and Docker Compose

To use the LiveAnalytics Free Trial you need Docker (v18.09 or higher) and Docker-Compose (v1.24.1 or higher).

Docker-compose is included with Docker Desktop but need to be installed separately on Linux.

Don't have docker?

Docker + WANdisco LiveData Platform

Step 2

Generate and start the docker-compose config

Choose source and target storage for your WANdisco Demo appliance. You will receive a customized docker-compose configuration which can be downloaded to your server and provides all pre-requisites.

Customise your experience

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First, choose your source storage type: *

Please pick a source environment.

Now choose your target storage type: *

Please pick a target environment.

Thank you

Here is your system specific demo setup.

To get started simply 'git clone' the setup via your terminal:

git clone {{ link }}

Alternatively if you do not wish to use git you can also download the package from {{ link }}/archive/

The docker-compose config you download here provides a Hadoop sandbox and installs WANdisco LiveData Plane automatically. You just need ADLS or S3 bucket details to use as the target for your data migration.

Thank you for your interest.

Unfortunately we don't currently provide a solution for your server setup. Please get in touch now and we'll endeavour to get you what you need.

Get in touch

Step 3

Access the LiveData Platform UI

Once you have downloaded your configuration to your server, run the following command:

docker-compose up -d

Login to the LiveData Platform UI in your browser:


You will be asked to create an account, after which you map complete configuration, setup replication rules and start a data migration.

WANdisco LiveData Platform Dashboard Preview

Next steps

You can use the included license to transfer 100GB of data over the next 14 days.

If you would like to extend the license or get answers to any other questions, please get in touch with our team.

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