Cloud migration and hybrid cloud

Extend to the cloud for on-demand burst-out processing, offsite DR and data archiving.

Guaranteed data

IBM Openstack Swift, on-premise storage and other cloud environments stay continuously in sync with automated recovery after an outage.

No downtime
No disruption

IBM and on-premise environments operate in parallel during migration, allowing data, applications and users to move in phases without disrupting normal operations.

Cost saving

Leverage economies of scale offered by cloud storage and a range of applications that would be impossible to deploy in-house.

Easy and intuitive step-by-step operation

  • Simple setup in both on-premise and IBM cloud environments using IBM Openstack Swift has you up and running in minutes
  • Intuitive admin console for monitoring, scheduling and audit
  • Use standard cloud vendor utilities for installation and deployment
  • Move data between any Fusion supported on-premise environment and IBM Openstack Swift
  • Move data between IBM Openstack Swift and any other Fusion supported cloud environment including Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3 and Google Cloud

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