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Replicate anything

Leverage WANdisco Fusion® for LIVE DATA throughout your entire business.

Totally flexible to allow full integration

Extend the WANdisco Fusion capability through our patented technology to any potential data source.

Integrated development environment

An eclipse plug-in that allows you to easily extend the Fusion API to the API exposed by the target data source you want to replicate.

Comprehensive support and samples

Complete documentation along with sample server-side and client-side code is provided.

Accelerate plugin development

  • Develop your own plugins to extend the WANdisco Fusion patented technology to new data sources.
  • Reuse WANdisco Fusion components for bandwidth management encryption key handling and licensing.
  • Use the SDK to customize the WANdisco Fusion UI for your plugin or provide your own user interface and reuse WANdisco Fusion UI components for generic functionality.
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