Bulk transfer of changing data

Bulk transfer static and changing information from big data applications to Amazon S3 with WANdisco Fusion patented Active Data ReplicationTM for AWS Snowball. Write to your local cluster while in transit, replicating with guaranteed consistency.

Guaranteed data

Take advantage of the storage on AWS Snowball for bulk data transfer while continuing to write to a local cluster and replicate those changes while uploading to Amazon S3 in the cloud.

No downtime
No disruption

Write to a local S3 endpoint on-premises and replicate to a storage location in Amazon S3 in the cloud with no modification or disruption to applications on-premises.

Cost saving

Avoid the downtime and cost usually involved in bulk transfer over the network with the unique benefit of consistent, coordinated replication.

Easy and intuitive step-by-step operation

  • Write to AWS Snowball using the same API that they use to interact with the Amazon S3.
  • Operate cloud and on-premises applications using the API as you would normally.
  • Continuously replicate and recover from intermittent network or system failures automatically.
  • Take advantage of storage on AWS Snowball without experiencing the delays over the network.

Creating remarkable resultsfor Amazon’s customers

Our partnership with Amazon

AWS customers can now use the bulk transfer capabilities of AWS
Snowball to transfer both static and changing information from
Big Data applications to Amazon Simple Storage Service ("Amazon
S3"), with guaranteed data consistency.