WANdisco Fusion and
Amazon Web Services

Move to the cloud without disruption or downtime.

Move to Amazon S3 with ease and enable a HybridCloud environment

Game-changing WANdisco Fusion enterprise software offers real-time replication of data between multiple sources and targets, for any data architecture. Even when data is spread across different locations, and even while data is being migrated, WANdisco Fusion guarantees data consistency.

WANdisco’s partnership with Amazon helps you to migrate data to Amazon Web Services (AWS) rapidly and easily, and to exploit the power and capabilities of the AWS environment.

What advantages does WANdisco Fusion on AWS offer?

  • Enable data migration to Amazon S3 without interrupting operations
    Migrate to the cloud without disruption or downtime, running production systems even during the migration.
  • Enable a hybrid AWS environment in the short and long term.
    Run a hybrid environment of mixed cloud and on-premise systems, all with access to consistent business data, for any period of time.
  • Migrate from on-premise Hadoop to Amazon EMR or any other AWS-based Hadoop installation.
    Integrate with any on-premise or cloud architecture, making it possible to migrate from one cloud to another and avoiding vendor lock-in.
  • Use Amazon S3 as a disaster recovery platform for on-premise Hadoop.
    Use any cloud platform as a disaster recovery site for your on-premise systems, with guaranteed consistent, current data with near-zero RPO and RTO.
  • Use Amazon S3 to provide burst capacity for on-premise Hadoop to accelerate analytics delivery.
    Enable burst analytics by replicating current data to the cloud. Scale up for intense workload, and ensure results are immediately available for all systems.
  • Use Amazon S3 to consolidate data lakes in a multi-region, MultiCloud environment.
    Combine and consolidate data lakes and other data stores, regardless of location or environment, for maximum cost-efficiency.

Our Partnership with Amazon

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Cloud migrations without downtime

You can continue working on data without disruption or downtime during a migration process.

Disaster recovery for any environment

You can meet the strictest SLAs for RTO and RPO, ensuring business continuity across hybrid and multi-region, MultiCloud environments.

Global data resiliency

You can move data to the cloud and back, and across regions, while maintaining guaranteed consistent, accessible, and accurate data.

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