WANdisco Fusion powers
IBM Big Replicate

Enable consistent, available data across any hybrid IBM Cloud environment

IBM has entered into an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) agreement to resell WANdisco Fusion, rebranded as IBM Big Replicate - a key embedded component of the IBM big data, cloud and analytics solutions.

IBM Big Replicate powered by WANdisco Fusion offers customers the benefits of real-time replication technology, delivering data consistency and availability across any combination of on-premises and cloud environments, regardless of distance, data source, or data volume.

What advantages does IBM Big Replicate on IBM Cloud offer?

  • Establish a Disaster Recovery platform for on-premises Hadoop.
    Use any Hadoop platform as a disaster recovery site for your on-premises systems by replicating current data in real time, oering near-zero RPO and RTO.
  • Back up data of any scale to cloud, without missing data-consistency SLAs.
    Back up data to the cloud without interrupting access to critical business data, even during data movement or analytics.
  • Migrate from on-premises Hadoop to any cloud-based Hadoop installation.
    Integrate with any on-premises or cloud architecture, making it possible to migrate from one cloud to another and avoid vendor lock-in.
  • Enable a hybrid cloud environment in the short and long term.
    Run a hybrid environment of mixed cloud and on-premises systems, all with access to consistent business data, for any period of time.
  • Use cloud to provide burst capacity for on-premises Hadoop to accelerate analytics delivery.
    Enable burst analytics by replicating current data to the cloud. Scale up for intense workload, and ensure results are immediately available for all systems

Our Partnership with IBM

IBM Big Replicate; Watch how easy it is to use IBM Big Replicate to seamlessly move data between on-premise Hadoop clusters and the cloud without downtime or disruption


Cloud migrations without downtime

You can continue working on data without disruption or downtime during a migration process.

Disaster recovery for any environment

You can meet the strictest SLAs for RTO and RPO, ensuring business continuity across hybrid and multi-region, multi-cloud environments.

Global data resiliency

You can move data to the cloud and back, and across regions, while maintaining guaranteed consistent, accessible, and accurate data.

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