September SCM Newsletter

Press and Analyst Reports

News | WANdisco launches new website

We have just launched our new website, with a completely new design that allows for streamlined menus, clear navigation, lots of new content, and a responsive layout for all platforms. Check it out here.

Gartner report | "Market guide for software change and configuration management software"

Organizations are investing in SCCM tools to increase the speed and quality of both the development of new and changed functionality for more complex environments and its delivery. This Gartner Report identifies the market's attributes and direction to help IT leaders choose appropriate solutions. Download your free copy here.


Upcoming webinar | "ClearCase to Subversion"

When: Thursday October 27th @ 10am PT

Moving from ClearCase to Subversion can improve your development processes and significantly reduce deployment cost and complexity. In this webinar, we present practical techniques for moving from ClearCase to Subversion to achieve continuous delivery that brings agile development and DevOps together, promising much shorter development cycles and higher quality from experts who have overseen some the largest migrations in history. Register here.

Webinar replay | "Git high availability and performance"

What do high availability and performance mean in practical terms for your Git deployment? Our resident expert explains what it takes to make Git highly available across one or more locations. Watch the replay here.

Webinar replay | "Is Subversion still relevant in the age of Git?"

As Git has grown in popularity many IT organizations are wondering if migrating from Subversion to Git is inevitable. The two have different strengths architecturally and support different models of development. This webinar describes how to ensure you provide developers with the most appropriate tool. Watch the replay here.

Webinar replay | "ClearCase to Git"

SCM systems are the cornerstone of modern continuous delivery and DevOps. Is it time to update your system? If you're a development manager or ALM expert considering a move from ClearCase to Git, this webinar explains the benefits, why and how to make the switch. Watch the replay here.