1 JULY 2016

July ALM newsletter

News and Analyst Reports

Gartner report | Market guide for software change and configuration management software

An increasing number of companies are investing in SCM tools to speed up and improve the development and delivery of new software for more complex environments. This recently published Gartner report identifies the market's attributes and direction to help IT leaders choose appropriate solutions. Download your free copy here.

Check out the SVN & Git Forums

Your continuous feedback on improvements and enhancements to the binaries and software is greatly appreciated. Use the SVN or Git Forums to share and recommend these ideas to us. Also use the forum to discuss and get answers from our experts and others in the community. Click on these links to join and share your voice |


Upcoming webinar | ClearCase to Git

When: August 18th, 2016 @ 10am PT

SCM systems are the cornerstone of modern continuous delivery and DevOps. Is it time to update your system? If you're a development manager or ALM expert considering a move from ClearCase to Git, join us for this webinar where we'll review the why and how of making the switch. Register here.

Webinar replay | Is Subversion still relevant in the age of Git?

As Git has grown in popularity many IT organizations are wondering if migrating from Subversion to Git is inevitable. The two have different strengths architecturally and support different models of development. This webinar describes how to ensure you provide developers with the most appropriate tool. Watch the replay here.

Webinar replay | Access Control Plus

Source code management systems contain the crown jewels of a software company's intellectual property. Effective auditing gives you a picture of who's accessing that IP and when changes are being made. This information can satisfy compliance and security requirements and give you new insights into your development practices. In this webinar we'll explore standard and extended audit reports available for Subversion and Git administrators. Watch the replay here.