February ALM newsletter

Press and Analyst Reports

Gartner report | Market guide for software change and configuration management software

An increasing number of companies are investing in SCM tools to speed up and improve the development and delivery of new software for more complex environments. This recently published Gartner report identifies the market's attributes and direction to help IT leaders choose appropriate solutions. Download your free copy here.


Upcoming webinar | "Access Control and audit for Subversion and Git"

This webinar covered access control and audit options for Subversion and Git. Options for standard and extended audit reporting and addressing complex compliance and security requirements are reviewed. Auditing gives you a picture of who's accessing your IP and when changes are being made, to satisfy compliance and security requirements and give you new insights into your development practices. Register here.

Webinar replay | "Is Subversion still relevant in the age of Git?"

This webinar explained the relevance of Subversion in the age of Git as the two have different strengths architecturally and support different models of development. This informative session will help ensure your developers are using the most appropriate tool. Watch the replay here.

Webinar replay | "The multi-million dollar SCM problem you don't know you have"

This free webinar dives into a recent Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) study of a commercial and consumer technology company that managed to increase productivity and revenue by ridding itself of several version control hindrances. Watch the replay here.