1 AUGUST 2016

August ALM newsletter

News and Analyst Reports

Forrester TEI report | The total economic impact of WANdisco SVN Multisite

Forrester's Total Economic Impact (TEI) report revealed a 357% ROI, payback period of 9 months, and millions of dollars in cost savings for development organizations using WANdisco's SVN Multisite. Learn how your development team can see similar benefits. Download your free copy here.

Check out the SVN & Git Forums

Your continuous feedback on improvements and enhancements to the binaries and software is greatly appreciated. Use the SVN or Git Forums to share your feedback. You can also use the forums to get answers from our experts and others in the community. Click on these links to join and share your voice |

Updated Apache Subversion and Git certified binaries released

We invite you to experience the most complete Apache Subversion and Git Binary releases. WANdisco offers fully tested and certified binaries for Subversion and Git, available for free.


Upcoming webinar | "Git high availability and performance"

When: September 15th, 2016 @ 10am PT

What do high availability and performance mean in practical terms for your Git deployment? Our resident expert explains what it takes to make Git highly available across one or more locations. Register here.

Webinar replay | "ClearCase to Git"

SCM systems are the cornerstone of modern continuous delivery and DevOps. Is it time to update your system? If you're a development manager or administrator considering a move from ClearCase to Git, watch this webinar replay that reviews the why and how of making the switch. Watch the replay here.

Special Promotion

Promotion | End of Quarter Discounts

If you're an existing customer using any of our SCM products or services, or you're considering WANdisco's Subversion, Git or support solutions for the first time, click here to take advantage of our exclusive Q3 discount offerings. There's no form to fill out. One of our specialists will contact you.