September 2019  |   David Richards, Co-founder & CEO, WANdisco

WANdisco LiveAnalytics and Databricks: Running Cloud-based Analytics While Ingesting Data from Hadoop On-premises

When we introduced LiveMigrator in June, our first customers were delighted. They were able to move petabytes of unstructured data in a single pass from on-premises data centers to the cloud without blocking. Their applications could continue to access data in on-premises environments, even as...
August 2019  |   Rani Hublou

3 Reasons to Avoid Manual Hadoop Migration to Cloud

Big data has found a natural home in the cloud. In the cloud, leading companies are taking full advantage of cheap, scalable storage and the flexibility that comes from powerful cloud analytic platforms. With such compelling advantages to migrating big data to the cloud, why is there business risk...
July 2019  |   Paul-Scott Murphy

Migrating Big Data to the Cloud with WANdisco LiveMigrator, ADLS Gen2, Databricks and Delta Lake

The rise of the cloud has seen the most fundamental shift in IT in many decades. When deciding where new capabilities will be developed and operate, the cloud is now the first choice for most enterprises.
May 2019  |   Joel Horwitz, DISCOtecher

Everything Is Distributed—Here’s How to Put Down Roots

Distributed computing has created a fundamental shift in the way that humans relate to the rest of the world.
May 2019  |   Joel Horwitz, DISCOtecher

Don’t Let Data Gravity Drag You Down

The universe is something that never ceases to surprise us. In all of the years that humans have walked planet earth, there’s always something new that catches humanity off-guard—like the opportunity to see a black hole for the first time, in April 2019.
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