Corporate Governance

The Directors recognise the importance of good corporate governance and have chosen to apply the Quoted Companies Alliance Corporate Governance Code (the ‘QCA Code’). The QCA Code was developed by the QCA in consultation with a number of significant institutional small company investors, as an alternative corporate governance code applicable to AIM companies. The underlying principle of the QCA Code is that “the purpose of good corporate governance is to ensure that the company is managed in an efficient, effective and entrepreneurial manner for the benefit of all shareholders over the longer term”. The QCA Code contains 10 separate principles of good corporate governance. WANdisco complies with all 10 principles, with the exception of Principle 5 where we comply with the spirit of the principle but because only one of our two Non-Executive Directors (NED) is independent, we do not strictly comply with the application of the Principle. Our Nomination Committee regularly considers candidates for additional independent NEDs to add to the board, information about which, including the board committees, can be found here. Further information on compliance with the QCA Code will be provided in our next annual report.

David Richards, Chairman and CEO
This disclosure was last reviewed and updated on 17 September 2018