Rock-solid replication and mirroring for global deployments

Eliminate the single point of failure of the lone Git master repository and benefit from no downtime and no disruption with instant synchronization and LAN-speed access at all locations.


Distributed teams collaborate with no Git master downtime, no disruption and consistent security policy enforcement across all locations.

Uptime and performance

Automated recovery and LAN-speed read/write access to the same version of the Git master repository at every location.


No change in Git functionality and no learning curve for developers.

Additional benefits

  • New users, teams, repositories and access rules can be added with no downtime and no disruption
  • Selective replication of specific repositories between sites 
  • Add and remove servers and repositories on the fly with no downtime and no disruption
  • Configurable quorum schema for more efficient use of hardware and other IT infrastructure
  • Parallel transaction processing across multiple repositories for improved performance
  • Clustering of two or more Git master servers at one location can be implemented to balance workload for even greater performance
  • Centralized repository administration and management
  • No WAN traffic for read operations
  • Real time syncronization on every Git master update

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