Replicated Gerrit Code Review Services

Gerrit provides web based code review and repository management for the Git distributed version control system. It enables teams of engineers with different privileges to collaborate to build software using best practices such as continuous integration and trunk based development at all sites. With our patented technology, Gerrit repositories, meta-data and events can be replicated to and from any location with no single point of failure.

No downtime
No restart required

Continuous access to Gerrit Multisite with automated forward recovery if a server or an entire data center goes offline.

Guaranteed consistency and performance

Full active-active replication of all Git repositories and Gerrit meta-data. Selective replication of Gerrit events between sites. LAN-speed performance for all developers local to replicated servers. 


No change in Gerrit functionality and no learning curve for developers.

Additional Benefits

  • Enable distributed teams to collaborate as one with no downtime, no disruption and consistent security policy enforcement across all locations
  • Add new users, teams, repositories and access rules with no downtime and no disruption
  • Selectively replicate Gerrit events between sites with extremely flexible configuration
  • MySQL compatibility with OpenSource Percona XtraDB or MariaDB Enterprise Cluster Gerrit database replication
  • Use all backup systems for production work
  • Remove single point of failure that upstream represents
  • Add and remove servers and repositories on the fly with no downtime and no disruption
  • Parallel transaction processing across multiple repositories for improved performance
  • Clustering of two or more Gerrit master servers at one location can be implemented to balance workload for even greater performance
  • Centralized repository administration and management
  • No WAN traffic for read operations
  • Real time syncronization on every Gerrit event update
  • Ability to require a successful build before a change can be accepted
  • Easy integration with Jenkins

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