September 2018  |   Andrea Braida

How LiveData Gives You the Freedom to Innovate

Newly established companies such as Uber and Airbnb exploit an advantage over their competition beyond the genesis of a good idea. They were born in the cloud, and enjoy the innate flexibility and scalability that pure cloud operations entail. These companies have never been constrained by...
August 2018  |   Paul Scott-Murphy, WANdisco

Are Old Lessons on Data Dependency Still Relevant?

By turning the challenge of acquiring and provisioning hardware into a button press, the cloud has eliminated many barriers to new application deployment. But the benefits that come with this ease of deploying and scaling systems also come with a cost.
June 2018  |   Phil Goodwin, Research Director, IDC

The "Hidden Gotcha" of Web-native Applications

Guest blogger Phil Goodwin from IDC highlights the dangers of application failures as they recover to inconsistent data states, potentially triggering significant costs. How can the industry step up to the challenge?
June 2018  |   Andrea Braida

What is a “Data First” Operating Model?

Analyst Peter Burris says value, opportunity and advantage now belong to the ‘data first’ business. Andrea Braida asks him how you can capitalize on that thought, and how ‘live data’ enables the digital enterprise.
April 2018  |   Andrea Braida

Enterprise Confessions: What Their Data Lake Was Missing

Capturing and understanding data is super-critical, and for today’s enterprises ‘no data’ equals ‘no business.’ As a response, companies have rushed to fill huge data lakes, designed to pool every scrap of useful information as an enterprise resource.
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