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A speedy recovery: the key to good outcomes as health care’s dependence on data deepens

It may have been slow to catch on compared to other industries, but the healthcare sector has developed a voracious appetite for data. Digital transformation topped the agenda at this year’s Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference in Florida, and Big-Data analytics in healthcare is on track to be worth more than $34 billion globally within the next five years – possibly sooner

 Electronic health records are growing in importance to enable more inter-disciplinary collaboration, speed up communication on patient cases, and drive up the quality of...

Nov 14, 2017

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Fulfilling its real-time Big Data analytics potential: Azure HDInsight Service now supports live multi-location data synchronization

Finally, a breakthrough that promises to transform the way companies use advanced Big Data analytics: Microsoft has announced that Azure HDInsight Service users will now be able to replicate data accurately and in real time across two or more locations via a single-click installation of WANdisco Fusion® to an Azure HD Insight Cluster

This means that it will now be possible to synchronize live data sets between two or more locations in real time – i.e. between day-to-day business systems that are being updated continuously, and the externally-hosted systems and services that are simultaneo...

Sep 26, 2017

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Responsible retail: treating customer data with care

Retailers have become so adept at capturing and analyzing consumer data that there is now a real risk that they might alienate customers by revealing just much they know about our lifestyle, habits, and preferences. So if retailers want their big data investments to pay off, they must tread carefully. 

Big data exploitation in retail is no longer restricted to tracking and responding to broad trends; it’s become very personal. Which is great if the result is that customers find exactly what they were looking for; less so if it feels intrusive or invasive.

Analytics technology i...

Aug 23, 2017

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Missed Connections: What Airlines Don’t Understand About Their Passengers

Customer-experience management is supposed to be advanced in the travel industry, but the data says otherwise.

In an age of the personalized customer experience, it’s astounding that even premium brands struggle to deliver a smooth, joined-up service. Air travel is a good example. Why is it that, with all the decision-supporting data available to them, airlines so commonly fail to get the basics right? A recent industry survey found that more than two-thirds of passengers experiencing a delay of two hours of more were dissatisfied with how they were treated. A similarly high number were unhapp...

Jul 27, 2017

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Goodbye gridlock: how to keep traffic moving with continuous data replication

Anyone travelling through a major conurbation at rush hour will know the misery caused by gridlock. It’s bad for blood pressure, for business, and for the environment. So a priority in any Smart Cities project has to be managing traffic flow more intelligently. Live feeds from connected sensors positioned across the urban sprawl, combined with real-time data from vehicles and transportation systems, and historic data about traffic flow and accidents, offer the best chance of beating bottlenecks.

The opportunity hasn’t been lost on local authorities. Cities from Manchester in the UK ...

Jul 10, 2017

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