One solution for both Subversion and Git

WANdisco Access Control Plus is a single solution that fully protects valuable intellectual property across widely distributed Subversion and Git repositories. Access Control Plus provides robust security capabilities including delegated administration and synchronization with LDAP user and group configuration. Access Control Plus can be implemented in combination with SVN MultiSite Plus and/or Git MultiSite for consistent enforcement across all locations.

Key features of Access Control Plus

Access Control Plus is a network proxy that provides administrators with a comprehensive, easy-to-administer security agent that offers:


Support for any size development organization with any number of repositories and access control rules.

Delegated administration

Root administrators can create teams and delegate administration authority to team leaders for more efficient security administration.

LDAP integration

Access Control Plus automatically picks up LDAP user and group membership changes and assigns new users to the Subversion and Git teams that correspond to their LDAP groups. Kerberos is also supported.

Consistent global security enforcement

When implemented with SVN MultiSite Plus and/or Git MultiSite, security policy is replicated to all sites automatically as are any changes, ensuring consistent enforcement across all locations.

Enterprise-wide results gained from a unified solution

Until now, enterprises using Subversion and Git had no way of standardizing security and enforcing policies. Access Control Plus delivers the functionality hybrid environments need to protect their intellectual property and software investment.

Greater flexibility and control

Enable teams to work the way they want, while accessing control capabilities beyond what is provided with native SVN and Git.

Future-proofed software licensing

Transition between, or incorporate both, Git and Subversion platforms without altering security policies or processes.

Improved administrative efficiency

Delegated authority reduces administrative overhead.

Access Control Plus benefits across teams

Access Control Plus benefits for developers

Work the way you want

Continue to use the Git or Subversion tools you’re familiar with.

No more working in silos

Work collaboratively with global teams.

Access Control Plus benefits for administrators

Easy installation

Intuitive, point-and-click interface makes setup simple.

Simplified management

Offers extensive options for easily setting and managing access privileges and security policies.

Share admin responsibilities

Delegate administration authority to team leaders for greater efficiency.

Easier global security enforcement

When Access Control Plus is combined with SVN MultiSite Plus or Git MultiSite, security policy changes made at one location are immediately replicated to every other for consistent enforcement.

Transparent implementation

Implemented as a network proxy, so Subversion and Git client configurations don't change.

No retraining

Development teams continue to use the Git or Subversion tools they’re familiar with.

Access Control Plus benefits for managers

Use global talent more efficiently

Talented teams can work together regardless of which platform is used for development.

Peace of mind

Fortune Global 1000 companies and startups alike trust WANdisco software.

Improves security control

Protects intellectual property and supports ongoing compliance with SOX and other regulations.

24/7 expert support worldwide

Access Control Plus customers have access to WANdisco's team of open source software experts ready to provide in-depth professional assistance.

Service options include:
  • 24/7 online, phone and email support with guaranteed response times
  • Online delivery of fixes and enhancements
  • Indemnification coverage that protects customers from intellectual property claims
  • 8 hours of free consulting or web-based training
  • And more

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